Surprise pregnancy announcements are oftentimes followed by tears—fortunately these waterworks are of the happy variety.

In the now-viral clip above, this man thinks he's getting an Apple watch for his birthday. As it turns out, though, his wife has quite the trick up her sleeve.

"Don't peek," she tells him. "I'm dead serious. Don't peek. Are you peeking? OK, you hold them closed..."

The man laughingly obliges, holding a hand over his face while he patiently waits to be handed his gift. "I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together," says his wife as she hands him the Apple Watch box.

"Oh, is this that watch?" he asks. "Really?"

Oh no, not really! As he opens the packaging, a positive pregnancy test is revealed (!).

"WHAT?" he asks in disbelief. "Are you serious? Are you serious?"

Overcome with emotion, the daddy-to-be grins and then bursts into tears. It's pretty darn sweet.

Although, we have to wonder: Did he still get the Apple Watch, too?

In any case, congratulations!

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