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Hulk pretty like a princess! Hulk look ravishing in stunning gown! Hulk twirl like giddy schoolgirl in pink dress! HULK DELICATE FLOWER.

We haven't been able to stop screaming in Hulk voices about this cake since we first laid eyes on it. We're not sure who is more badass: the dad for making it or the little girls for asking for something so awesome in the first place.

Brian Elton posted a photo of the birthday cake he made for his 4-year-old twin girls to reddit, and people went bonkers for it. Just take one look at it and you'll see why…

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"My 4-year old twin girls wanted a Hulk Princess cake for their birthday," he captioned. "So I made one!"

Seeing a giant, raging green monster wearing the hell out of a purple and pink dress made entirely out of frosting brings us so much joy, but the icing on the cake (get it?!) is that beautiful tiara on top. Say what you will about Bruce Banner's anger issues, but homeboy can accessorize like champ.

But now let's talk about the fact that his daughters asked for this in the first place. They could have just wanted a princess cake. Or they could have just gone with just a Hulk cake, which is an amazing request because most little kids want superheroes like Iron Man or Superman to be at their birthdays.

But no. These little girls wanted a Hulk Princess cake, damn it! And the dad could have easily said something like, "sorry, girls. Princess Hulk isn't a real character. Why don't we get Elsa from Frozen?" And then girls would scream bloody murder at the idea of another Frozen birthday item and start tearing their hair out. Wait. That's how we would react to more Frozen mania.

But the point we're trying to make is that this dad didn't want to let his daughters down, so he brought the Hulk Princess character to life because that's what his girls wanted. Maybe he even created a backstory for him. We do know one thing: Brian is so proud that he has little girls who aren't afraid to think outside the box:

We bet that requests for Hulk Princess merchandise is about to spike. Get on it, Marvel.


(Sorry, had to get one more in).

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