Jessica Simpson, Newlyweds


There is nothing worse than harping on a moment of regret. Even the fleeting thought causes you to cringe/die/melt. It turns out, the celebrities we all thought were #flawless have their own cringe moments to worry about.

Jessica Simpson talked to Page Six about her past endeavors, including her stint on reality TV, and said she wouldn't handle coming across a rerun of Newlyweds, her show with ex-husband Nick Lachey, too well. "I would have a panic attack," she said of catching an old episode.

In the decade that has passed since going off the air, Simpson has become a fashion mogul. She opened up to the Today show about possibly resuscitating her music career but stated flat out that she's done with reality TV.

"That's very rear view," the singer said with a laugh. "I mean I'm very open with fans and the media but having a camera on me at all times. I mean, we all know I stick my foot in my mouth a little bit too much so now that I'm a mom, I probably have to keep it together a little bit better."

Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey

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Don't forget the now-famous tuna fish-Chicken of the Sea comment she made on her MTV series.

Even though Simpson's career began in music, she revealed to Savannah Guthrie that her husband, Eric Johnson, has never seen her perform. "Even Eric, my husband, I recorded a Christmas album with him but he's never really seen me on stage and do my thing that actually got me here now," she confessed.

"Is that something you hope to do again?" Guthrie asked, "Release an album and go on tour and play the crowds?"

"Yeah, absolutely," Simpson replied. "That's how I started and that's always one of my biggest passions in the world. I love to use my voice."

Now that she's building a recording studio in her house, we should expect new music from the "With You" crooner in just a little while.

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