William & Kate's Royal Wedding

OK, it's probably a wee bit late to be pitching herself for a gig choreographing Prince William and Kate Middleton's first dance at their wedding reception, but we'll still give Cheryl Burke points for trying!

What did the sexy DWTS star have to say about her royal wedding dreams, and how is Chris Jericho taking his elimination from ABC's hit dance series? Here's what they told us:

Jericho told us, "I feel that we did a great job. I think anybody could win this competition, including us—it just wasn't my night last night. And that's just what happens when you get to this stage of the game. Everybody has to be beyond amazing to stay in here. But I loved every moment on the show. I really did."

As for that upcoming royal wedding (maybe you've heard a little about it?), Cheryl Burke joked, "I already gave Prince William some tips." And Chris Jericho, who will have some free time now that he's off the show, teased: "I am actually dancing at Prince William's bachelor party." Better yet, said Burke: "I am also dancing at his bachelor party." Nice!

Are you bummed that Jericho is done? Who do you think will take the title? Hit the comments!

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