Joel McHale, Community , Heather Morris, Glee, Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Jordin Althaus/NBC; Fox; Sonja Flemming/CBS

Best of 2010 tile

This time last year, the TV comedy was dying, but as 2011 draws near, both ABC and NBC are airing three-hour comedy blocks and everyone is feeling a great deal more optimistic about the whole LOL TV thang.

So what series made show business a funny business again? If you ask us, the revolution can be credited to the standouts on our Top TV Comedies of 2010 list! Click into the gallery below to see our selections, and then come back tomorrow and Thursday for two more TV-tastic installments of E! Online's Best of 2010 gala festivities.

How bat-poop crazy are our "expert" picks? Hit the comments section to let us know, and don't worry, you'll get your chance to weigh in on 2010's best later on this week. Promise.

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