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Wanna know a secret? Red carpets are fun, but sandy carpets are better!

Just a little something I picked up on after years of hangin' with the Lost gang on the sunny shores of Oahu—and it's not because this a place Josh Holloway tends to go all sorts of shirtless. That's just a plus...

Over the past six years, I've been fortunate enough to cover a sandy carpet or five, and here's a quick glimpse at some of my favorite chats with Matt, Jorge, Harold and Evi. While you do that, I'll just be in over in the corner sobbing like a baby—there are only three days left until finale night, people!

And in the words of the great Terry O'Quinn, "I don't know how anybody could not have a good time tonight." John Locke couldn't have said it better himself.


For more Lost vintage video, take a peek at my favorite on-set moments, some star stalking and a few Lostie firsts.

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