Taylor Swift

Dario Alequin/INFphoto.com

So this is what Taylor Swift looks like with her hair straightened. Hmmm. That's all we can really say about it.

We're not trying to discourage her from trying new things. The girl's 19 years old and experimenting is just part of growing up (and selling records), but there's something less magical about the country singer. The curls are her power, just like Robert Pattinson's unwashed messy hair is his.

It is possible, however, this new 'do was just for a photo shoot earlier in the day, which means the curls will hopefully return along with Taylor's uniqueness. Right now she kinda just looks like any other pretty young Hollywood thing.

But just because T.Swift lost her magic hair doesn't mean she's lost her precious sense of whimsy. This photograph is from her girls' night out in NYC with Emma Stone that included candy and ice cream. That's definitely something the magic curls would approve of.


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