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Dear Ted:
Hi Ted, I recently saw a picture of R.Pattz at a hotel in LA. Does this mean he's not hanging out with K.Stew? What's been going on with them? Are they still together and cute as can be? I've been having my Robsten withdrawals!

Dear Chilax:
Just 'cause they aren't together every second of every day, doesn't mean they aren't together. Don't worry, they're on. Where is Rob supposed to stay, by the way? With Kristen's folks? Don't think so.

Dear Ted:
Do women sleep with the famous so they can only blackmail them or use them for fame later on? It sure seems like it!

Dear For the Love of Fame:
That's usually the case, huh. They all just want their 15 minutes of fame…then there are those rare cases where it's actually love, and that's just weird for Hollywood.

Dear Ted:
I've been reading your column for a couple of years now and I think I finally have all of the lingo down! Totally love you. Anyway, when reading about Toothy and all of the other beards out there in H-Wood, there's something I just don't get. Are all the photos showing the "happy couple" together just staged photo ops? Do they actually live together but go do their "thing" with somebody else each night? Do they meet up once a week for a jog and/or requisite tall latte for a good paparazzi encounter so they can have photos posted of them with the opposite sex? And does the public/industry really care if Toothy et al swing the other way? I care more that they live a lie in the public eye instead of just coming out with it—is that not the general consensus? And why?

Dear Tough Guesses:
Yes—time with the beard is to help sustain their double life. Photo ops very much help keep up appearances. Gotta look all domesticated, ya know?

Dear Ted:
What's with Britney Spears trying to look all motherly and normal on the cover of Elle magazine? I'm not buying it.

Dear Bad Gone Worse:
The "Britney's Mentally Stable" PR shtick is a complicated one. Can't shave away memories like you can your hair. Brit's doing whatever it takes to get her good girl, good mother image back.

Dear Ted:
Regarding my recently submitted question about Zach Braff: Is he or has he ever been a BV?

Dear BV Braff:
Nope—too boring! Way!

Dear Ted:
All this Tiger Woods drama has me thinking...was he ever a BV? If he was, was it because of his "transgressions"?

Dear Vice-Filled Woods:
No, not a BV. We were going to make him one, but there's no need to hide his transgressions in a Vice since Tiger can't hide 'em in real life.

Dear Ted:
You are so right about Britney and Justin Timberlake! How can they not know they are soul mates? OK, Britney got off track and Justin split, but then she became a train wreck. I really don't think she would have been such a mess if they had stayed together. And I'll bet if he came back, she'd become a real super star.

Dear Official Wacko:
Brit is a real superstar, maybe not as talented as Justin but she's still got it. Here's hoping for a reunion in the future!

Dear Ted:
Has La-Feelya Fun-Tanked ever been in a movie in which her character has an extra marital affair?

Dear Finding Out:
Nope. She's not exactly an actress first, if you get what I mean.

Dear Ted:
I recently saw an Avril Lavigne concert on TV and it got me thinking....what's she like in person? The boyfriend and I were discussing how she's refreshing to see because she looks like a normal person (heaven forbid in Hollywood right?), not all slathered in unnatural make up and up to her ears in plastic surgery to change her unique physical traits. She even makes huge fashion faux pas like a normal girl. Is she really this cool in person? And how's she dealing with her pending divorce?

Dear Canadian Beauty:
Just because she's not hiding behind makeup doesn't mean the real Avril's out for all to see. Really not the nicest. Trust us on this one.

Dear Ted:
I enjoy reading AT and those lovely BVs. But I do have a question maybe you can help me understand with all your experience of Hollywood. Why is it that people cannot forgive Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna? Please do not misinterpret this as my condoning of his actions, not at all. I do not believe in any man assaulting a female in any manner; just as I do not believe in a man sexually assaulting a child. Yet most of Hollywood is gathering in defense of Roman Polanski. Roman in 1968 was convicted of statutory rape and drugging a child. Polanski unlike Brown did not serve his time, instead he fled. Brown, who keep in mind also had an abusive childhood and is much younger and naive than Polanski was at 35, on the other hand he appeared in court and is serving his time with no complaints or denials. Both men were respected if their fields before their fall. So why is it impossible for one to receive forgiveness (so to speak in the public eye) and not the other?
Help me un

Dear Brown be Free:
Interesting comparison. You won't find love for either here at the AT. Ever.

Dear Ted:
Do you think now that Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have broken up, Toothy Tile will come out to the public?

Dear Dare Me:
What do the three have to do with each other?

Dear Ted:
I love Truth, Lies & Ted. You should be on TV every Friday morning with my cup of coffee. A little easy question for you today: Since Rob is still in LA, has he been busy buying a house or is he just staying close to his K.Stew? Do you think Rob will be with her at Sundance? Sure hope so.

Dear Affirmations:
I'm crossing my fingers Rob goes to Sundance. Seems like his kind of scene—chill people and fun parties! The kid's gonna be so busy in 2010 though, not sure if he'll have the time.

Dear Ted:
So now I'm a bit confused. You've said Robsten is not a simple story of boy meets girl, but you've also said they are for real and it's a classic romance (I might not remember the exact words here). And then Rob shows up as a super-sneaky bachelor. Hmm. And you twitter its "Just guys wanting to have it both ways, same old same old". Are you changing your mind about the boy? You always seemed positive towards him. I don't know why this occupies my mind actually, but I miss Robsten! Even if I'm happy that they probably managed to get a vacation since no one (not even you, right?) seems to know what they've been up to the last week. Even the paparazzi had Thanksgiving off over there?
Kris from Sweden

Dear Still for Robsten:
We're having our Rob and K.Stew withdrawal, too, but they need their break. Can we not give it, folks? And I'm not backtracking from Robsten at all. But a 19 year old and 23 year old aren't walking down the altar tomorrow. They're playing their relationship cool, which is why it works.


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