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    The 12 Things You Must Do for Your BFF After a Breakup—See the Step-By-Step Guide!

    #RK Recap, EP 204

    Last night on #RichKids of Beverly Hills, Dorothy Wang's heart was broken by her boyfriend Cooper. But thankfully, her BFF Morgan Stewart was there right away to help her cope.

    This got us thinking, besides being there to hug her, what else should you do for your BFF after a devastating breakup?! 

    #RK Recap, EP 204

    12. Hide him on Facebook

    She is going to freak out, but you need to take her phone for a little while. Remove his activity from appearing in her newsfeed on Facebook. The last thing she needs to see is him having fun, even if he's faking it. She needs to think that he's crying in bed too. But the reason you don't want to delete him all together is because he needs to see her out having fun, looking hot and adding new male friends.

    RK Breakup

    11. Let her sob to Taylor Swift

    No one understands a breakup more than Taylor. While it may make her feel worse at first, she needs to get that out. Let her listen to "You're Not Sorry" and "Teardrops on My Guitar" for a day. But then make sure she quickly transitions to "Mean" and "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

    RK Breakup

    10. Bring her french fries and cupcakes

    I mean, self-explanatory, right?

    RK Breakup

    9. Ban her from speaking to him

    This should go without saying, but you do not answer any of his calls and you better have a bottle of Advil and "The Notebook" on TV if you plan on texting that fool back. Just stay in your room with your phone off.

    RK Breakup

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    8. Hate him for her

    Even if you loved him when the two of them were together, you have to immediately hate him. If he hurt your best friend, he obviously is a terrible, terrible person.

    RK Breakup

    7. Make her question why she's even sad

    Bring up all the things he did wrong during their relationship. Remember that time he didn't text you until ten in the morning on your birthday? Remember when he told the waitress that you guys were "good" when she asked if you wanted dessert? Remember that time he wore jean shorts?

    RK Breakup

    6. Take her out, when she's ready

    Even if it's just to get one good, outrageous and hot Instagram picture, she needs to get out of bed eventually. Or maybe it's just going out to eat, either way she needs to see the outside of her bedroom sooner rather than later.

    RK Breakup

    5. Make sure her nails are done

    You just always need to have your nails done. I feel like if you're not emotionally with it, you might forget.

    RK Breakup

    4. Train her on what to say if she runs into her ex

    This could possibly be the most important one. If your BFF and her now ex-boyfriend live in the same city, she needs to be READY. You need to train her on what to say, what to do and how to act when she eventually runs into him. "Ok, pretend I'm him. What are you going to say again?"

    RK Breakup

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    3. Ban her from Pinterest

    Literally the last thing on the face of the earth she needs to see is her wedding board.

    RK Breakup

    2. Reassure her that his new fling is ugly

    Obviously he will never do better than your BFF and you need to make sure she knows that. There's going to come a point where someone uploads a picture of him and another girl and you need to immediately stalk her on every form of social media. Screenshot her ugliest and most embarrassing pictures that you can find and send them to your BFF. "See? I told you she's heinous."

    RK Breakup

    1. Promise her that she'll find someone richer

    Because it's just as easy to fall in love with someone who is rich, as it is to fall in love with someone who isn't.

    RK Breakup

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