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Married to Jonas Recap: In-Laws & Outdoors

Sun., Oct. 07, 2012 11:00 PM PDT by Erin La Rosa

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If venturing into the wilderness with a tent, blowup mattress and porta potty sounds like a ton of fun, then Kevin Jonas is your man!

For the Deleasa bunch, however, the idea of being out in the wilderness is no picnic in the woods. Especially for momma Angela Deleasa, whose insect phobia coupled with a fear of the dark—not that we blame her!—don't make camping an ideal way to bond as a family.

But on this week's episode of Married to Jonas, Kevin vows to introduce his in-laws to the great outdoors, because it's something he's always loved doing with his own family.

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Plus, the Jonas Brothers man might have some ulterior motives. "Bringing Dani camping is like a test to see how tough she is," he says. "If she can handle this, she can handle having a toddler."

Not just that, though, because Kevin and Danielle Jonas have a big announcement to make to the family. (Drumroll, please.) The Deleasas are headed to Florence, Italy! Holy awesome vacay, Batman!

Only problem? Angela has one more phobia she has yet to conquer…flying.

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Will momma Deleasa be able to overcome her anxiety so she can experience Italy, or will she be left behind while Bucky, Dina, Mikey and Katie Deleasa fly off without her?

To watch what happens, tune in to an all-new episode of Married to Jonas next Sunday at 10/9C only on E!

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