Married to Jonas

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On this week's episode of Married to Jonas, it's recording studios, puppy training and graduation parties, oh my!

Starting with the Kevin and Danielle Jonas' fluffy pups, who have a knack for marking their territory in sneaky ways. Unfortunately for them, Kevin is even stealthier and unearths their bad habits with the help of a black light! Speaking of, maybe we should get one of those.

Meanwhile, Dani is feeling the heat from her big sister, Dina Deleasa, when she tries to plan her little sister Katie Deleasa's graduation party. The two argue about venue, catering and even who should handle the event planning. Hey, ladies, simmer down—things could be worse!

Like what Kevin's going through when he hits the recording studio only to discover that he's having trouble singing the notes needed for the Jonas Brothers' upcoming album. While his brothers are anxious to move on to the next track, Kevin can't help but feel like he's letting them down.

Luckily, Kevin has a confidant in Dani…right? Well, he does until his wifey locks him out of the bedroom. But, hey, we would too if we needed a little escape from all the stress.

In the end though, things work themselves out. Kevin and Dani apologize for not giving each other what they needed, Dina realizes that Dani may actually be the best party planner in the world, and the dogs...well, jury is still out on those two!

Want more Married to Jonas? Tune in next week for an all new episode on Sunday at 10/9c only on E!

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