Kate Hudson

Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com

It must be so tricky to be an A-lister trying to navigate an airport. Not only do you have to deal with the long lines and annoying luggage but the paps are on your tail throughout the entire process.

 So we totally get Kate Hudson's desire to arrive in disguise. We just wish she'd selected something other than a Smurf costume.

Not only does this all blue get up stick out like, well, a Smurf in an airport, but the style is wildly unflattering! It feels like the suit they'd sell at a discount Halloween costume warehouse.

The pants are too baggy, the sweater is oddly long and we have no idea why the blond beauty went with a checkered top underneath. And all that mess is aside from the Michael Jackson-inspired loafers. Smurfette wouldn't be caught dead in something so thrown together.

In the end, we wonder who is more offended: Kate for our harsh critique or the Smurfs for comparison!

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