Mystery Peeps


Seriously, what are these new Peeps?!

Walmart has three new mystery flavors of marshmallow chick Peeps—just in time for Easter—and figuring out what the heck they taste like has become our biggest challenge of the Easter season.

There is no question that Peeps are one best Easter candies of all time, but these new sugar-coated marshmallow mysteries are keeping us guessing.

Sure, they're delicious, but we just can't place the taste. Plus, they're all-white, so we can't even guess based on coloring.

So, we performed a little Peep taste-test to try and solve what is sure to be the greatest mystery of our time.

Let's start with Mystery Peep #1...

It perhaps has the least distinct flavor of the bunch. Light, nondescript.

Our guesses:

Cotton candy



Red velvet

Chocolate cupcake

For Mystery Peep #2, we could smell the Peep the moment we opened the package. We guessed that it could be:

Corn Flakes


Kettle corn

Buttered popcorn

Caramel popcorn

And while sampling Mystery Peep #3, we thought it tasted like something fruity, perhaps:

Fruit Roll-Up

Sour candy

Sour Patch Kids

Black cherry

Berry punch

The actual flavors won't be revealed until the week before Easter.

In the meantime, here is what some other taste-testers are guessing:

On the topic of sweets, watch the video below to hear Snooki talk about her old fast food habits...

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