Easter Candy

Easter candy is the best holiday candy. We've said it before, we'll say it again, and we will say it until we take our last breaths. On our death beds, our last words will almost definitely be: "Tell my cats I love them, and remember: Easter candy is the superior holiday candy."

Anyhoo, there is a big different between Easter candy and Easter-themed candy. You cannot slap some pastel colors on your usual year-long candy selection and call it Easter candy. We are looking right at you, Tootsie Rolls. And we are side-eying you so hard.

However, there are exceptions to that rule (basically, we accept your pastel coat if you are delicious). And if you release something in an egg and/or bunny shape, you are officially in the Easter candy game.

And speaking of the Easter candy game, we've ranked 25 of the most popular treats you find in your Easter basket, also known as, the only sweets that matter. If you are only available during Easter, you get major points. But for the most part, it's all about the taste and how excited a human gets when they see the candy on the store shelves.

Have a look and then feel free to debate us in the comment sections. We know people have a lot of feelings and thoughts about Easter candy, and we welcome a healthy argument over where we put each item.

Ready? From worst to best, this is how we ranked Easter candy:

25. Brach Bunny Corn

Easter Candy

Candy Corn is Halloween candy, and it's not even that good. So this "bunny corn" thing is borderline insulting to Easter candy.

24. Jordan Almonds

Easter Candy

These are basically healthy snacks. No.

23. Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans

Easter Candy

We'll take our jelly beans without grotesque growths all over them, thanks so much.

22. Wonka Hoppin' Nerds Candy

Easter Candy

Nerds are definitely a solid candy choice, unless they are called "bumpy" (see above). But they don't really scream "Easter." They do scream "capable of cracking a filling," but whatever. 

21. Lindt Chocolate Carrots

Easter Candy

Fancy chocolate for when you want to feel better after eating 20 Butterfinger eggs (more on that later). But this candy is only special because of the wrapping, not because of the taste.

20. Reese's Pieces Pastel Easter Eggs Candy

Easter Candy

There are better ways to enjoy Reese's during Easter.

19. Crunch Chocolate Nest Eggs

Easter Candy

We're skeptical about these because there are crispy rice things in the middle when there could be stuff like peanut butter or more chocolate instead.

18. Hershey's Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs

Easter Candy

Meh, it's Hershey chocolate in egg form. We'll never kick it out of bed, but we won't be calling it the next day.

17. Easter Pastel M&M's

Easter Candy

Aw, we love you M&M's. But you taste the exact same even though you have pretty pastel-colored shells. 

16. Chocolate Bunnies (Solid)

Easter Candy

The solid chocolate bunnies are actually just too much to handle all at once. It's a block of chocolate. There is no way you can finish it all in one sitting without passing out from diabetic shock. So then you have to nibble on it over the course of four days. Which means you're pulling it out of your purse while at work, noisily unwrapping the foil from around the ears and neck and biting big chunks out of it while your coworkers are silently starting at you and judging you. Not that we know anything about all that.

15. Whoppers Easter Mini Robin Eggs

Easter Candy

You either love Whoppers or you despise them, so this is a middle-list kind of item. Personally, we love Whoppers, and in mini-egg form they are straight up de-loy-cious. (That was a Parks and Rec reference, so before you people power scroll down to the comments to correct our spelling, watch "The Fight" episode).

14. Hershey's Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs

Easter Candy

Chocolate coated in candy? In.

13. Reese's Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs Candy

Easter Candy

These aren't as successful as the mini Butterfinger eggs, in our humble (but correct) opinion.

12. Wonka Spring Chewy Spree Candy

Easter Candy

Yes, the "spring mix" is just regular Chewy Sprees in pretty pastel colors, but you don't see us complaining about it.

11. Snickers Egg

Easter Candy

Delicious for the same reason that Reese's eggs are special, but lower on the list because peanut butter and chocolate trumps caramel, chocolate and peanuts. And nougat. There is nougat in there, right? 

10. Russell Stover Marshmallow Chocolate Eggs

Easter Candy

We find chocolate-covered Peeps to be quite blasphemous, but we have nothing against chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. 

9. Russell Stover Chocolate Marshmallow Bunny

Easter Candy

Why are the bunny shapes better than the egg shapes? If you have to ask, than you don't deserve to know.

8. Wonka SweeTarts Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies

Easter Candy

Easter candy that isn't chocolate can sometimes be ignored, but don't you dare ignore these. Some call their texture "chalky," but we call them "melt-in-your-mouth."

7. Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Easter Candy

Small in size, big in candy-gasm. Magically delicious.

6. Butterfinger Eggs

Easter Candy

Butterfingers in their normal form are fine, just fine, but when you take that candy bar and put it into a tiny egg, it's a game-changer. We can eat 20 of these, no problem. Well, it is a problem, but for a different reason.

5. Chocolate Bunnies (Hollow)

Easter Candy, Hollow Chocolate Bunny


You think there isn't a different between a solid chocolate bunny and a hollow chocolate bunny? Think again. Scroll back up for our side of the solid vs. hollow debate.

4. Starburst Jellybeans 

Easter Candy

Jelly beans are basically Easter's official candy representative, and the Starburst kind are the most delicious of the bunch.

3. Reese's Eggs

Easter Candy

Everyone's favorite candy comes in an egg form during Easter, and for some reason, that makes them extra magical. We don't know why, it just happens. Probably due to science.

2. Peeps

Easter Candy

Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! The sugar-coated marshmallow treats only just missed the top spot because you can buy Peeps during Christmas and Halloween now. They used to be strictly for Easter, but we guess nothing is sacred anymore. Real question: Do you prefer the bunnies or the chicks? We're Team Bunny, which makes Team Chick STUPID. Have you ever put Peeps in the microwave? Do it now.

1. Cadbury Creme Eggs

Easter Candy

Not only are these a classic Easter treat that's delicious to the point of making your teeth ache, but Cadbury eggs are only available during the spring. That makes them special and worthy of beating out Peeps. Plus, chocolate had to be No. 1, you know? They come in different flavors now, too (chocolate creme, caramel), but to us, the only filling that matters is the original.

Those are the rankings and we're sticking to them. Agree? Disagree? Just want to talk about candy some more? Let's have a little sugar chat in the comments below!

Hoppy Easter, everyone! 

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