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Ryan Reynolds looks nearly unrecognizable as the scarred anti-hero of Deadpool. Still, there's no fooling his 14-month old daughter James Reynolds—she can spot daddy in any get-up. 

The "Sexiest Dad Alive," as dubbed by People, is typically very private when it comes to the only child he shares with wife Blake Lively, but when Ellen DeGeneres is asking the questions, one simply obliges. 

"She is running around talking and having a ball," he told the daytime talk show host during Wednesday's episode. 

"Talking at 14 months—isn't that young?" she wondered. With two supremely successful Hollywood stars for parents, no milestone is too early for the cherub. Among the words in little James' growing vocabulary, "Dada" is currently front and center. 

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool


"She sees me all over the place because right now the Deadpool advertising is everywhere," he dished. "So, when we go to New York City it's on top of the cabs and she's like 'Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada.' I don't know how she—I mean I'm in a mask, but yeah she knows that's me." 

Hmm, James could be a baby genius, but Ellen knows what's really behind the familiarity of the costume. 

"Well obviously you've worn that around the house," she pointed out.  

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Only Wednesday nights," he joked. 

Still, despite her recognition, James wasn't exactly too keen on her dad's new look at first. 

"It made her cry and she filled her diaper instantly," he told E! News of his daughter's first time seeing him in full makeup (and with his mask off). "When your daughter sees you every day like normal and then sees that, they're going to have a little moment of freak out."

Thankfully, the tears have parted and now all little James sees is her "Dada."

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