Ryan Reynolds held nothing back while playing "Plead the Fifth" on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Thursday night.

Although the Deadpool star was allowed one free "pass" for any question, Ryan chose to answer all the questions host Andy Cohen pitched him, even the ones about his dark past involving box office bomb The Green Lantern. (Don't worry, Ryan, we all have our cringe moments.) Having taken on a new superhero—well, antihero in Deadpool's case—Ryan was ready to get candid about all superheroes.

Andy described the character Deadpool as a "pansexual hero" who is "very horny all the time," but then asked Ryan which superhero does he think could be a "flaming homosexual."

"Why do they have to be on fire?" Ryan joked. "Can't they just be homosexual?"

Of all the options at his disposal, Ryan chose Archie, unsure as if he could actually be considered one. But his place in the comic book world gave him confidence in his answer. "That would shake things up a bit," he joked. 

Ryan Reynolds, Watch What Happens Live


Because Ryan cracks a joke about The Green Lantern in a trailer for Deadpool, Andy asked him what he actually thought about the past project that brought him and his future wife, Blake Lively, together.

"I would give it a scant four. Three or four," he said when requested to rate it on a 1-10 scale. "It didn't work. OK it's a one. It's a one."

The truth shall set you free, Ryan.

As one of People's Sexiest Men Alive, Ryan is pretty much flawless from head to toe, but Andy got him to admit which body part he finds "most hideous" (as if there is one). But Ryan was able to come up with one! Watch the video to find out which body part Blake's husband doesn't care for.

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