The Walking Dead, Making a Murderer


Two of pop culture's hotly debated happenings just collided all thanks to The Walking Dead's Twitter.

You may recall how obsessed with whether or not Glenn (Steven Yeun) died during this season of The Walking Dead you became. You may also recall how obsessed with the Teresa Halbach murder case and Steven Avery's trial you also became.

Thanks to The Walking Dead Twitter account—that's the official comic book account, not the AMC series—you now have this glorious image of Steven Yeun's Glenn done like Netflix's Making a Murderer key art of Steven Avery. Now, they are one with this sick burn: "If season six of The Walking Dead were on Netflix…" Worlds collided all in the name of humor.

Imagine if AMC's The Walking Dead TV show account made this and they actually acknowledged how frustrated fans got with the whole "Did Glenn die?" debacle? Get ready to be even more frustrated, maybe, because Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is coming to the TV show. Negan is the guy who killed Glenn in Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's comic book series. So…yeah. Be prepared to be mad. Or not. Who knows?!

Also coming to the TV show: Xander Berkley as Gregory, the leader of another group of survivors who come into conflict with Negan's group and Tom Payne as Jesus, a kickbutt new hero.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. on AMC. For more Making a Murderer, the filmmakers recently revealed all sorts of surprising facts about their Netflix documentary series.

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