Alan Rickman, Harry Potter, Snape

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Wands up, Harry Potter fans.

Alan Rickman, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 69, had a long, illustrious acting career. From Sense and Sensibility to Die Hard to Love Actually, everyone has their favorite Alan Rickman role. But to Potterheads, he will always be Severus Snape, "probably the bravest man" Harry (and all of Hogwarts) ever knew. So when news broke of his sudden death, it knocked the wind out of muggles all around the world. But thanks to the Internet and social media, we can all honor and grieve Rickman together.

Harry Potter fans have been posting some truly moving tributes to Snape and the man who brought him from page to screen. Check out the photos, quotes, GIF sets and artwork that have been making the rounds on the Internet and hopefully it well help ease the pain of his passing. Of course, if you ask any Harry Potter lover if we'll always be sad about losing Alan Rickman, you know our answer.


Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. Today, we're all in Slytherin. 

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