Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Golden Globe Awards

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2015 was the year of Jennifer Lawrenceand Amy Schumer's newfound friendship, and it seems that mutual girl crush isn't going anywhere this year. Exhibit A? Tonight's Golden Globe Awards.

The show's producers may have done their best to keep the two off-camera (seriously, couldn't we have gotten a few more cut-aways?), presumably for fear of the two causing distracting (and amazing) hijinks, but that didn't stop them from drumming up some much-needed raucous.  After all, it's not in their nature to stand idly by—especially at an awards show with unlimited booze. 

It all started on the red carpet. Kind of. Schumer showed up with her sister (or #RoadManager as she's tenderly known on social media) Kim Caramele, and Lawrence hit the interview line with her Joy director and general life mentor David O. Russell. Sure, we were all collectively hoping that Jen and Amy would walk the carpet together (possibly while wearing some type of conjoined-twin outfit), but they did manage to give each other a few shout-outs. 

Our favorite? Amy's excitement at seeing her new BFF in a decidedly glammed-up setting. "It'll be weird to see her in a Hollywood setting," she joked. "We're usually in sweatpants and bras and writing." 

Once they made it inside the venue, they were lucky enough to be seated at the same table (even though their other bestie Brie Larson wasn't quite as lucky!), which gave them the ability to cheer each other on throughout the night. First up? JLaw's mention in host Ricky Gervaismonologue. As he gave her a shout-out for making the news when she demanded equal pay for women in Hollywood, good ol' Amy stoop up and cheered "Yeah, Jen!" at the top of her lungs, accompanied by a flurry of claps and whoops. They both later had a good laugh when Gervais delivered the second half of the joke: "She received overwhelming support from people everywhere. There were marches on the street with nurses and factory workers saying, how the hell can a 25-year-old live on $52 million?"

Then came the moment we'd all been waiting for: Their awards presentation. 

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The entire thing basically read like an audition tape for next year's Golden Globes hosting gig, and we wouldn't want it any other way. From their attempt to find Schumer a celebrity nickname as good as JLaw (A-Schu? Aim-Tom Hardy? Aim-All-The-Hemsworthses?) to their genius riffing ("Dreams. Helping children. World peace. Cars. Medicine.") to their subtle reminders of why we should love them ("[People] are just like, oh, you're so pretty and everyone likes them and wants to hang out with them and, like, they seem so fun to be around and, like, oh, they should be models."), it was a lesson to all future presenters on exactly what to do. 

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The night had the potential to take an awkward turn when the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy category came up, seeing as the BFFs were pitted against each other and Amy was favored to win by a number of people, but they handled it with grace and a tableside hug. And a dedicated Instagram post, of course.

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So happy for our friend.

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But before you go thinking that these two are members of an exclusive "Jennifer and Amy Only" club, know that soon after presenting they took some time to bring their BFF party to others—namely fellow presenters America Ferrera and Eva Longoria. Can we get in on this, guys?

Really good light back here in the presenters green room. @goldenglobes @amyschumer @evalongoria #JLaw

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Jen wrapped up the night's love fest for the both of them, making sure to give Amy props in the post-show press room. When asked about whether she felt bad for winning the award over her friend, JLaw quipped: "She's going to be fine." She went on to explain "It wasn't a matter of feeling bad. She's just funny and hilarious and will win many things. I really expected Amy to win."

From there, it was straight to the after parties, followed by what we can only hope was a bestie pajama party. We're still holding out hope for some morning-after pictures. A girl can dream, right?

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