Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Age: 24; August 15, 1990

Before showcasing her survivalist instinct as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence proved herself a formidable opponent in the crazy game of Hollywood. And now she's got an adoring fanbase and an Oscar for her troubles.

Claiming to never have taken an acting class, Silver Lining's Playbook star earned a Best Actress Oscar in 2013, as well as honors from the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and BAFTAs. In 2010, The New York Times named Lawrence one of their 50 People to Watch. In 2012, Rolling Stone called Lawrence "the most talented young actress in America," and it looks like they were right.

When producers for Winter's Bone dismissed the former Abercrombie & Fitch model's first audition because she was "too pretty" for the gritty role of Ree Dolly, the young actress hunted them down like opposing tribute: "Like a psychopath, I followed them to New York on the red-eye and showed up the next day at the casting there," she told People magazine. "Not brushing my hair or washing my face did the trick."

But the X-Men: First Class star's meteoric rise almost didn't happen. The Kentucky native says her parents tried to redirect her acting aspirations. And even when she charged ahead, she did so cautiously: Intimidated by the fanfare surrounding the trilogy, it took Lawrence three agonizing days to accept the role in The Hunger Games.

Once her stunning star turn hit the big screen, the embodiment of Katniss found herself helming the highest grossing action film featuring a female lead.

And with the Oscar-toting fan-favorite set in the rest of the trilogy, an X-Men sequel and many other films currently in various stages of production, her Hollywood games have only begun.

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