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There are a few omni-present elements of red carpet fashion: towering stilettos, glittering jewels and lashes that appear larger than life. A-listers may borrow the shoes and diamonds from haute houses, but their mile-long lashes must be homegrown (of sorts).

Just like us, celebs are often looking for inventive new ways to elongate their lashes for maximum effect. "While my clients have different lash types, the one consistent remark they always make is that they wish they were longer," said E! Style Collective member and celebrity makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who works with actors like Sarah Wynter

To amp up lash lengths, like Demi Lovatodoes, we tapped Ashley's expertise to learn the ins and outs of different lengthening systems.

Prescription lash serums: Stimulating lash growth with a prescription serum can make lashes longer on a long-term basis. The process takes a little time and dedication at first, but the results can last for long as you keep using the Rx. Many start by applying the serum to the upper lash line only on a daily basis during the first six weeks. After, the serum can be applied less frequently. With use, some have seen a darkening of their eye color or skin, so it's important to talk to your doctor to ensure the product is right for you.

Pros: Longer lashes on a long-term basis
Cons: Pricey, possible darkening of irises and skin around the eyes

Over-the-counter lash serums: Looking to elongate your lashes, but aren't ready for prescriptive measures? Try a serum instead. "I recommend NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum to everyone that sits in my chair," Ashley said." It's a natural peptide serum that grows your lashes and makes them fuller. I've used it for four years now and I obsess over it constantly. It has helped many of my clients grow eyelashes back after losing them, and also made them thicker."

Pros: Lash growth, thickening and curling
Cons: Possible skin redness

Lash Extensions: A visit to a salon can yield longer lashes by way of extensions applied by an experienced technician. Lash extensions generally last for two-to-three week periods, making them a great choice for big life events (like weddings and vacations). After receiving extensions, people wake up with event-ready lashes without having to apply falsies—and sometimes even mascara.

Pros: Longer lashes customized to your preferred style; no need for falsies or cumbersome eyelash glue
Cons: Costly, requires frequent salon visits, must be careful about water and product exposure

Falsies: This red carpet mainstay is a great option for one-off events. "They give the look of longer, fuller lashes and really make eyes pop," Ashley said. With so many lash designs on the market, from crystal-tipped to flirty to classically full—along with full strip and single-lash options—it's easy to create a look to match the occasion.

Pros: Low cost, low commitment, no salon visit or prescription required
Cons: Application can be tricky, lashes can detach mid event

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