Justin Bieber, Liam Payne

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How dare you, sir? How dare you?!

Or so the Beliebers inquired of Liam Payne after the One Direction lad dared to reply to an insolent question about him and Justin Bieber with a sarcastic remark.

"@Real_Liam_Payne Isnt it kinda depressing for you to know that Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you?" hardcore fan Hailey tweeted at Liam this afternoon, for no particularly good reason.

To which Liam replied, "@arianasmccann how many times have I been arrested?"

Liam Payne, Twitter


See, Payne's mistake was bothering to reply.

Because the invective that Hailey launched into was merciless, her tweets calling him an "untalented, embarrassing joke" and wondering whether he was "at McDonald's" when he tweeted her.

Jeez! What did Liam Payne ever do to her?!

Cue the umpteenth installment of 1D fans vs. Beliebers, a feud that never ends well for anybody's pride. Except, maybe, the artists involved because they get to see firsthand just how many gals and guys are willing to throw themselves on their social-media swords for their favorite pop stars.

(Seriously, check out the running commentary in response to this tweet.)

The epic amount of hyperbole prompted Liam, who's currently in Indonesia with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, to admit to his role in the brouhaha and try to assuage the situation for his fans.

Check out each tweet for the flood of loyal support Liam received from his own fans (amid the requests for a follow-back, of course).

The concern over what prompted Liam's clarifications in the first place as well as obstinacy/vitriol and applause for his right-back-at-ya insolence in response to his one comment to Hailey got both "Liam Payne" and #LIAMHASNOCHILL trending on Twitter within moments.

And in addition to his devil-may-care lack of chill, 1D fans (or #liamdefensesquad) were also loving the fact that #liamslays.

And then there was this lovely fan, who just wants peace.

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