"Be kind...rewind." 

That is a phrase that today's youths will never understand or appreciate. And they'll certainly never get the fact that a Disney movie is always, always better on VHS.

YouTube's The Fine Brothers have released another video in their "Kids React" series, and this time children are investigating a long-forgotten form of entertainment: the VCR. Now you can watch a movie on your desktop computer, your laptop, your iPhone and your iPad…all at the same time, so it's no surprise that the kids in this video find that wrestling with a VCR just to watch a video tape is too much work.

One girl apparently wanted to make everyone feel extra old because she mentions seeing the cassette tapes as decoration at an "'80s birthday party," or as we called it: "birthday parties."

Watch how kids react to the technology that used to magically store all our episodes of Rainbow Brite and if you want to shake your canes and talk about how good the youth of America has it in this day and age, we'll join you in the comments section.

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