52 Phrases That Would Have Made Absolutely No Sense 20 Years Ago

Googling it? Followers? Tagging? We would have sounded like madmen.

By Jenna Mullins Sep 24, 2014 3:00 PMTags
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We live in a wonderful world. The entire Internet fits in the palm of our hands. We can order food just by clicking a mouse button. And we can get rides home from bars without having to drunkenly slur to anyone over the phone.

But some of the things we talk about every day would have made you sound absolutely bats--t insane 20 years ago. Facebook? Weed stores? Googling it? You would have been branded a witch and burned at the stake probably.

Thanks to and inspired by this thread on reddit, here are 52 phrases that are commonplace now, but would have made no sense just 10 or 20 years ago:

1. "Arnold Schwarzenegger will be governor of California"

2. "I have angry birds on my phone."

3. "I store my contacts in the cloud."

4. "Aw man, I accidentally liked her photo."

5. "All those people from high school you never thought you would see again? Well, you still won't talk to them but you will see pictures of their kids every day."

6. "My Internet is down so I can't watch TV."

7. "I hope the new Star Wars movies won't be as bad as the last ones."

8. "I really think he likes me because he retweeted my joke about cronuts."

9. "My phone died so my alarm didn't go off."

10. "There are cars on the road that don't have any engines and don't need gas to run."

11. "The Big Bang Theory won an Emmy."

12. "I got poked on Facebook yesterday."

13. "The award for best Vine goes to…"

14. "I have in my pocket a device that contains all of the world's information at a second's notice."

15. "In 20 years, Weird Al Yankovic will still be relevant and Michael Jackson will be a weird recluse who died of a drug overdose."

16. "The operator on my phone is named Siri, she's always available since she's my robot, and she will tell me just about any piece of information in the world when I ask for it. I don't use her though, she's too slow."

17. "Bryan Cranston is terrifying and a great serious actor."

18. "The government is monitoring all communications; they are collecting all available data on every person in the United States."

19. "I just ordered marijuana online using bitcoins."

20. "They discovered him on YouTube."

21. "I'm gonna Instagram this wicked planking pic, hashtag yolo!"

22. "My bae be tripping when she found out she only got second in the twerking contest."

23. "There is nothing I like better than watching cat videos all day."

24. "This new app I found makes my selfies look hella rad."

25. "Kodak shares are worthless."

26. "It's great that gay marriage is legal in almost half of US states."

27. "I am going to watch porn on my phone, in the shower."

28. "Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most beloved and popular actors in the business."

29. "Hang on, I'm gonna Google it."

30. "I can't wait to FaceTime with my dog."

31. "Whenever I wanna get laid, I just jump on my iPhone and right swipe some people on Tinder until I find a match."

32. "Yelp says to try the gluten-free bison burger with kale and quinoa."

33. "Did you donate to the guy who raised money online to make potato salad?"

34. "Hold on, I'll just take a picture with my phone real quick!"

35. "Do you want directions? I have the GPS in my phone."

36. "I'm reading a book on my phone."

37. "So do you think the Seattle Seahawks have a good shot at winning the Super Bowl again?"

38. "You can go to jail for downloading that song."

39. "Yeah, I'll come to the party but don't tag me please, my dad is following me."

40. "I have 2000 followers!"

41. "I wish I could just forget how I met your mother. So many years wasted for it to end like this."

42. "My brother and his husband are having a baby!"

43. "Apple's new iPhone is just as big as the iPad mini but bigger than an iPod."

44. "Make sure you delete your cookies."

45. "Leonardo DiCaprio still doesn't have an Oscar."

46. "I'm just going to re-charge my cigarette."

47. "Our black President sure does tweet a lot."

48. "That gas station is cheaper at $3.79!"

49. "She added me as a friend last night."

50. "Pluto isn't a planet."

51. "Did you see last night's [insert any TV show here]? I totally GIF'd the s--t out of that one scene."

52. "I'll just pick up the latest Transformers DVD using the machine that dispenses them outside grocery stores."

What a time to be alive for all those phrases to now be true!