It sounds like Brad Pitt and his Fury co-stars had a really emotional time filming their new war flick. At last night's Fury premiere in Washington, D.C., the 50-year-old actor opened up about what it was like to play a soldier in war.

"I've always heard these stories of actors having a hard time shaking a role. It was true this time. It was true in this one," Pitt told E! News. "We were really embedded in this movie, and I think the biggest challenge was, when a film starts, they're three and a half years into the war. They've been through Africa, they've been through France, they've been through Belgium and now they're deep into Germany. And to feel that exhaustion and the years of the psychic trauma, I think we got there."

To prep for the movie, Pitt and other actors trained with real military men and women.

"In preparation for it, we spent so much time with them and we walked away with so much respect for their mental and physical fortitude and such a deep understanding of what they really put on the line for us," the Oscar winner gushed.

Fury star Shia LaBeouf echoed Pitt and said the hardest thing about filming was "leaving" the set.

"It's just like leaving a family," LaBeouf told E! News. "You don't know nothing else after a while, it becomes everything. Like I know everything about this dude and all of these men. And we spent that amount of time, when you get that close to people, it's the reason soliders want to go back. They don't want to go back to fight, they want to go back for the camaraderie."

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