Lena Dunham, Zachary Quinto

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It's not like Girls isn't full of all sorts of nakedness.

But is Zachary Quinto going to stripping down for his guest gig on the HBO series?

It sure sounds like it.

"I mean, it's Girls, so you can assume what you will," Dunham said on the Emmys red carpet when I asked about the possibility of the Star Trek hottie showing some skin. "I also want to see him naked—that's all you need to know for now."

Talk about a tease!

Zachary Quinto, Instagram


"I can tell you nothing except that he is as amazing onscreen as he is off," Dunham said of Quinto. "He is so much fun to work with and the minute that camera is on he's an actor with such a gift and such a gift for comedy.

Other guest stars for season four include Orange Is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne, Community's Gillian Jacobs and Jason Ritter.

And who else is on Dunham's casting wish list?

"Big time fantasies? Helen Mirren, David Stratham and Alfre Woodard," Dunham said. "Those are some of my big goals!"

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