Eva Longoria

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Look up from your intense game of Kwazy Cupcakes for just a second, because we've got some sweet Brooklyn Nine Nine casting news!

Eva Longoria, who is obviously best known for her time as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives, has booked a 3-episode arc on season two of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, E! News has confirmed. 

Longoria will go up in court against Andy Samberg's Jake Peralta as a defense attorney named Sophia. Apparently she catches his eye, but we're hoping this doesn't disrupt the beautiful burgeoning "romantic-styles" relationship between Jake and Amy (Melissa Fumero). 

Aside from Longoria, Kyra Sedgwick will be taking a trip to the Nine-Nine this season as Captain Holt's (Andre Braugher) long-time rival, while Jenny Slate and Terrell Owens will also be making appearances. 

Braugher recently was nominated for an Emmy for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show and star Andy Samberg took home Golden Globes this year.

When we last saw Jake (Samberg) he was leaving to go undercover.

"The brash young Detective Peralta returns from his undercover duty hoping that the squad and everything will still remain the same, and in the course of his undercover work, the NYPD has gotten a new commissioner," Braugher told us. "So things are radically changing and Holt is on the cutting edge of this. So the old, stodgy captain wants everything to change and the young, brash detective wants everything to stay the same."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to Fox on its new night and timeslot, Sunday, September 28 at 8:30 p.m. 

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