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We know, we know. We seriously slacked on scoop for a bit this summer. Sorry, we were just having a little too much fun in the sun, but fret not, Spoiler Chat is back and better than ever. In today's column, we've got tons of juicy scoop on some of TV's hottest shows, including  The Walking Dead's "savage" new season, Teen Wolf's "crazy" finale and The Good Wife's next twist you won't see coming. 

Plus, we also have spoilers on Orange Is the New Black, Revenge, Downton Abbey and more...

Felicia: Remember the time The Good Wife wasn't nominated for Best Drama Series? Still ragin' over here. Anyway, now that Diane is coming to Florrick/Agos—with Taye Diggs!—will she fit right in?
Well, it's The Good Wife after all. Nothing is that easy. "The first episode takes another u-turn and you don't see it coming," Christine Baranski told us. "It's great. These writers are so skilled at coming at stories from an angle that you're not anticipating and they're really extraordinary writers."

Vin: I've been waiting on the edge of my seat since March to find out what the hell is happening in Terminus on The Walking Dead. Help?!
You're going to have to wait a bit longer, my friend. The notoriously tight-lipped cast isn't spilling, but Steven Yeun did provide us with this tease about where the characters find themselves in season five. 

"It's a different reality that they find themselves in. It's the decision to remain in humanity or completely let go and be a savage, that's kind of the question that's on every characters' mind and its up to them to decide where they go." We saw Rick lose it, will others be far behind?

Penelope: Got any scoop on my summer obsession, Teen Wolf?
 While we've still got a whole lot of craziness to get through before the finale, newcomer Dylan Sprayberry told us viewers "don't even know" the insanity that will come in the season four closer later this summer. "The finale will wrap somethings up and start some new crazy, crazy relationships."

Ryan: I finished Orange Is the New Black the first weekend it came out. I'm going through withdrawals over here! They're filming season three already, please tell me something good.
Here's something good and deliciously vague. "I can tease this much, whatever journey you think Red is going to take, it will not be what you think," new Emmy nominee Kate Mulgrew told us. "This one is utterly unpredictable." Prepare for the unexpected!

Meg: Confession: I am still obsessing over Revenge's finale! What's next for Emily now that she's gotten her revenge?
Our heroine will attempt to put all the lies and revenge behind her and will be "living in truth," this season, per executive producer Gretchen Berg, with EP Aaron Harberts adding that "having to deal with the blowback from what she's done, how does that push her relationship forward? She's going to have to own a lot of the things she's done." And that will definitely be happening with Charlotte. And bonus scoop: there won't be a time-jump in the premiere. "Everything we left the audience with, we  want to explore," Harberts said.

Downton Abbey

Courtesy of ©Nick Briggs/Carnival Film and Television Limited 2013 for MASTERPIECE

Zoe: I'm glad to see Downton Abbey get so much Emmy love this year, even if last year was a bit of a downer for my faves Anna and Mr. Bates. Are they back on the track to happiness?
Funny you should ask because Joanne Froggatt, Anna Bates herself, gave us a call after receiving her second Emmy nomination!

"Anna and Bates do start season five in a more positive place than they were in season four, but obviously such an event is not something that dissipates or goes away. It's something that people live with for the rest of their lives," Froggatt told us. There's still a cloud over Anna and I think she's definitely changed after what's happened to her, but with her and Mr. Bates, they're both trying to get through each day and rebuild their lives together, but as I said there is a cloud hanging over them still.

Olivia: Please tell me we will get to see Felicity on The Flash! I like her with Barry, not Oliver!
Relax, Arrow and The Flash are definitely not going to shy away from some travel between Starling City and Central City. "There are going to be crossovers from both shows," Grant Gustin spilled, adding that fans  may see a cross-show love triangle. "It's sounding like that's what they're building up for."

Brooklyn Nine Nina


Marissa: Anything to share on Brooklyn Nine-Nine's second season? Please tell me Jake will be back at the precinct!
Relax, he will, but he might not be happy about what he returns to! "The brash young Detective Peralta returns from his undercover duty hoping that the squad and everything will still remain the same, and in the course of his undercover work, the NYPD has gotten a new commissioner," recent Emmy nominee Andre Braugher told us. "So things are radically changing and Holt is on the cutting edge of this. So the old, stodgy Captain wants everything to change and the young, brash detective wants everything to stay the same." But don't expect to see Holt soften anytime soon. "He will grow even more robotic as time moves forward," Braugher assured.

Madeline: Chicago PD is so underrated and Sophia Bush is so good on it! Anything you can tell us about her character next season?
Prepare to meet someone major from Lindsay's past in the premiere. And it's really, really intense and will shed a light on her not-so-great childhood.

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