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The 12 Emotions You Experience After Taylor Swift Announces Her New Album

Taylor Swift, 1989 Album Cover

Taylor Swift announced that her new album, titled 1989, will be released on Monday, Oct. 27. 

If you are a fan of Swifty, either a casual one or a severe, insane one (like us), the following string of emotions is probably what followed after the news hit your ears. And your heart:

1. Panic

Taylor Swift emotions GIF


2. Utter panic

Taylor Swift emotions GIF


3. Sheer, utter panic

Taylor Swift GIF

We don't know what to do with ourselves. It's bad.

4. Joy

Taylor Swift emotions GIF

Our eyes are starting to water.

5. Utter joy

Taylor Swift emotions GIF

Here come the tears.

6. Sheer, utter joy

Taylor Swift emotions GIF

And now we're sobbing. New Taylor Swift album!

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7. Questioning

Taylor Swift emotions GIF

Where do we get it? When? When?! Oh, she told us already. Where. WHERE?! Her website. Right. OK. Deep breaths.

8. Planning

Taylor Swift emotions GIF

First we have to download "Shake It Off" to put on our iPod. Then we have to pre-order the album. And watch the music video on repeat. We have a little more than two months to prepare for 1989.

9. Delusion

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We can't believe this is happening. We've been waiting so long. We have been without new Taylor music for decades two years. And it's here. Is this happening? It is. Maybe. We can't see straight. Must be this. Sick. Beat.

10. Speculation

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There has to be a song about Harry Styles, right? And almost definitely something about her cats. An ode to being a cat lady, maybe? That will be our new anthem.

11. Impatience

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Is it Oct. 27 yet? Is there a new single yet? New music video? C'mon, Taylor! It's been literally minutes since your last big announcement. You have to give us something else after two years of waiting!

12. Happiness

Taylor Swift GIF

We can't stop listening/dancing/shaking to "Shake It Off." We're now running around our offices/apartments/classrooms/neighborhoods screaming wildly because we are so damn happy. Our pants are still on, but we can't promise we won't whip them off in a fit of pure, unadulterated, unbridled celebration.

Listening to "Shake It Off" on repeat. Forever.

Taylor Swift emotions GIF


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