Taylor Swift Reveals Latest Single "Shake It Off" and Announces New Album 1989—Watch the Music Video!

After teasing fans for weeks, the singer revealed that she'll be releasing a new album on Oct. 27

By Bruna Nessif Aug 18, 2014 9:31 PMTags
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So many epic Taylor Swift announcements today!

The singer has been teasing a big reveal for weeks now, and just moments ago, she finally got together with her fans from around the world for a Yahoo! livestream that revealed not one, not two but three amazing things!

First, the blond-haired cutie (who looked gorge with her signature red lipstick and matching white crop top and skirt) gave fans a listen—and live dance party—to her new single "Shake It Off," and just as any T.Swift admirer expected, the tune was so catchy that there's just no hope of it getting out of our heads today.

The single is inspired by the fact that people can talk about you and make up rumors all they want, and you can't control that. What you can control is your reaction to it. With that said, you can either let it get to you...or shake it off. (Cue the music!)

After sharing her latest track, Swift then led to another big announcement—a new album!

Stating that she was inspired by the late '80s and has been working on her latest project for the past two years, Taylor explained that this is a new sound for the singer, and her favorite album yet. "We've made my favorite album I've ever made," she told the crowd.

Appropriately titled 1989, after Taylor's birth year, the cover features the singer's cut-off Polaroid photo with the "T.S. 1989" written with marker on the bottom of the snapshot.

Fans can pre-buy 1989 online now, and will find it in stores on Oct. 27!