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    Mila Kunis' Birthday Celebration: Pregnant Star and Ashton Kutcher Grab Sushi and Ice Cream—See the Cute Pics!

    Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis National Photo Group

    We told you part of Mila Kunis' birthday plans would involve food (yeah, we know...lucky guess).

    E! News has learned that the pregnant star, who indulged in a little bit of maternity yoga earlier in the day, joined fiancé Ashton Kutcher for a tasty celebration last night in honor of her 31st birthday. A source tells us the pretty pair went out to a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles before grabbing some ice cream for dessert at Sweet Rose Creamery.

    "They were very hands on—hugging, holding hands throughout the night," the insider tells us. "They waited in a long line, holding on to one another the entire time. They appeared happy and seemed as if they were really enjoying themselves. If Ashton got her a gift, he gave it to her in private."

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    Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis National Photo Group

    It was first revealed that the good-looking couple was engaged in late February, just before E! News learned about Kunis' pregnancy. As for when we can expect to see their little cutie? Kunis joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her due date is "sometime this year."

    Although Kunis has played coy about her due date, she spilled on the couple's game plan when it comes time to give birth to their first child.

    "Two people are allowed in my delivery room: my doctor and my significant other," she told Marie Claire's July 2014 issue. "And [my future husband] is staying above the action. He'll be head to head. Not head to vag. Unless he wants to risk his life and see. But I wouldn't if I were him."

    "I highly doubt he wants to see that being ripped apart and shredded," she added. "Because it will be shredded. It's just a matter of how badly."


    —Reporting by Michelle Falls

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