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    Katy Perry's ''This Is How We Do'' Music Video Debuts: Watch the Singer Return to Her ''California Gurl'' Roots!

    Ever seen a twerking ice cream cone?

    Well, now you can! Thanks to Katy Perry's latest music video for "How We Do"—the fifth single from her wildly popular album Prism.

    The 29-year-old pop star has been teasing the clip all week on Instagram, sharing a series of wild shots in which she's sporting over-the-top attire, but even the sneak peek pics couldn't prepare us for the craziness that ensues in the clip.

    While the singer may have previously shed her "California Gurl" image in the video for her first single "Roar," the raven-haired beauty seems to have returned to her colorful (and animated) roots for her latest video, which sees the singer getting her nails done, doing karaoke with her girls and noshing on a tasty ice cream treat all while wearing outrageous outfits ranging from Yves Saint Laurent's iconic Mondrian dress to a pepperoni pizza swimsuit (hey, we know she loves food-themed outfits!).

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    Katy Perry YouTube

    There's also plenty of animation in the clip, which feels like a combination of the hitmaker's lyric video for "Roar" and her 2010 smash hit "California Gurls."

    And of course, the clip has that quintessential Katy feel (although we wish it felt a little less like we were being transported into a video game inspired by the superstar).

    Katy Perry YouTube

    Clearly, Perry is thrilled over the release of the clip, posting a link to the video on her Twitter page and captioning the tweet with lyrics from tune. #THISISHOWWEDO CHILLIN LAID BACK, STRAIGHT STUNTIN' YEAH WE DO IT LIKE DAT," she wrote, adding a manicure and cute girl emoji to her post.

    Spoiler alert: "This Is How We Do" will blow your mind, but bonus—there's no whipped cream bras in sight.

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