OMG, did you see the lyric video for Katy Perry's new single "Roar?"

Text all your BFFs, because it's an emoji dream! Yes, K.P. got a lot of help from those cutesy graphic symbols in spelling out her uplifting lyrics on the screen of her iPhone.

Some of Katy's non-emoji, people pals also help out in getting the song's "I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar" message across. Texts from "Shanny" (Shannon Woodward), Ferras, "Johnny Wu" (aka stylist Johnny Wujak), "Mamma Mia" (Mia Moretti) and "SKEET" (Young Skeeter) and a few other friends help to spell out Katy's powerful lyrics, which she reads while eating breakfast, sitting on the toilet, riding in the passenger's seat and taking a bubble bath. 

As cute and catchy as Katy's new song might be, some critics find it a little too similar to Sara Bareilles' you-can-do-it anthem "Brave." Sara's lyrics are encouraging, telling the listener to "say what you wanna say." In the chorus, which has a similar message to "Roar's," Sara sings, "I wanna see you be brave." Pop Culture Brain, a popular Tumblr blog, layered "Roar" over "Brave" to highlight the similarities between the songs.

Katy clearly appreciates Sara's work. Back in May 2013, she tweeted a link to the song, adding simply, "I heart you." Ms. Perry was, like the rest of us, inspired by the theme and spirit of "Brave." But while "Roar" and Sara's song both have an empowering message, there are a lot of songs created in the same vein.

Point being? If you're in need of a little keep-on-believing, pick-me-up song today, get your fix with both "Roar" and "Brave."

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