Katy Perry Burns Her Blue Wig in Video Promoting New Single "Roar"

Watch the singer's "California Gurls" hairpiece go up in flames

By Brett Malec Aug 02, 2013 7:37 PMTags

Katy Perry is saying goodbye to her "California Gurls" style!

In a new video clip promoting her upcoming single "Roar," the 28-year-old singer is going dark and making a statement about her new music.

The clip starts out with Perry opening a lighter and holding the flame in front of her face while standing in a pitch-black room. Perry, wearing red lipstick, a black collar choker and a striped ensemble, then lifts up her blue wig (made famous by her "California Gurls" music video) and lights it on fire.

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Perry stands holding her fiery hairpiece for several seconds before "#Roar Aug. 12" flashes across the screen.

"Roar" will be Perry's first single off her upcoming album Prism. Perry announced the title of her album earlier this week with a giant gold truck that was spotted driving around L.A. The gold Prism truck is currently driving around the country.

Perry tweeted earlier today, "WE DON'T NEED NO WATER LET THE BABY BLUE BURN," along with a link to her wig-burning video.