Aerin Lauder's Guide to the Hamptons: Beauty Heiress Reveals Sweet Tooth, Makeup No-No's and Her Favorite Things

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Aerin Lauder
Aerin Lauder Courtesy Aerin Lauder

Stylish, glam and massively connected New York social fixture Aerin Lauder appreciates a natural-looking makeup palette and always suggests timeless over trend regarding every aspect of life. The billion-dollar beauty heiress-turned-home furnishings designer knows a thing or two about life's most luxurious but also appreciates hole-in-the-wall secret spots.

Get to know Aerin and find out where A-listers hobnob in the Hamptons, what she considers a major beauty no-no and who she thinks is the sexiest gentleman in Hollywood. 

Who has been your favorite guest you've ever had the pleasure of hosting at your Hamptons home? 
Michael Kors

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Aerin Lauder, Michael Kors Kevin Mazur/WireImage

What is the one item in your house that you love the most? 
An antique chandelier originally from an Austrian café that I found 20 years ago. I've loved the piece for years and always wished I had a second one to match it.  

You're a corporate executive and mother of two, what is your fitness regime and how do you stay so fit? 
Liz Redinger for Pilates. 

Aerin Lauder Courtesy Aerin Lauder

The biggest beauty faux pas that you see happening all the time? 
Mismatched Foundation. 

It's Wednesday night and your trying to get over the hump, where do you go for a late-night snack?
Southampton Fudge Company and Dylan's Candy Bar

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Aerin Lauder, Southampton Fudge Courtesy Aerin Lauder

The first thing you do when you get out of bed is? 
Wake up the kids, check my emails, wash my face and brush my teeth, topped off with a giant cup of coffee. Not necessarily in that order though!  

Beauty is your heritage, but what is your passion? 
My passion is home décor, which is one of the main reasons I launched the Aerin brand. 

Aerin Lauder Courtesy Aerin Lauder

What is your current favorite television show? 
I love the show Scandal

Where is the perfect spot for a girls' night out in the Hamptons? 
Moby's in Amagansett. 

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Aerin Lauder, Moby Dick Restaurant Courtesy Moby Dick

Who would you consider to be the sexiest gentleman in Hollywood? 
Robert Redford! 

If you could invite one person over to your Hamptons home who would it be? 
Another Hamptons local, Ina Garten. I love Barefoot Contessa! 


Aerin Lauder Courtesy Aerin Lauder

Describe the type of personalities that most Hamptonite have? 
There are so many different types of people out in the Hamptons; it wouldn't be fair to generalize. That's what makes it great! 

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