American Girl Dolls

American Girl; Getty Images

If you were a girl growing up in the '90s, odds were that you had an American Girl doll.

You might have had Felicity Merriman, the brave, horse-loving redhead from the Revolutionary War era, or maybe you had Kirsten Larson, a blonde fresh from Sweden in the pioneer days.

Chances are, our favorite stars collected these historical dolls during their formative years, too. Can't you imagine a young Jennifer Lawrence adventuring with Molly McIntire, or a pre-teen Kim Kardashian having a fashion show with Samantha Parkington?

Which doll best suited a tiny Taylor Swift or a mini Miley Cyrus? We've got our guesses! Click through the quiz below to see which American Girl doll we think these celebs had (or should have had) growing up!

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