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    Bret Michaels Gives Health Update After Medical Scare, Thanks "Awesome" Friends and Family for Support

    Bret Michaels Bret Michaels/

    Bret Michaels is giving fans an update on his health following a scare last week.

    The diabetic rocker, who's still recovering after being diagnosed with the flu, dehydration and exhaustion, shared a brief but sweet message and an accompanying photo via his website.

    "Apologies for the pale white face," Michaels wrote. "It's the first day I've been able to fly to the kids. There is not enough thanks that I can send to the awesome fans, friends, family and medical staff for their help and well wishes. You all rock!"

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    Bret Michaels Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

    In the pic, Michaels' face appears of bit pale but he seems to be back up and running following last week's medical emergency.

    During a show in Manchester, N.H., Thursday night, the 51-year-old fell severely ill and was rushed off stage mid-concert to be evaluated by paramedics. After discovering his blood sugar levels were dangerously low, Michaels returned to stage to announce he couldn't finish the show.

    The next day, Michaels' Wilkes-Barre, Pa., concert was canceled so he could continue to recover. According to a post on his website from Friday, Michaels was "under strict medical direction" to take it easy "as doctors have ordered him to let the flu virus run its course and let his blood sugar rebalance and remain consistent."

    Glad to hear he's feeling a little bit better this week!

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