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    Ashton Kutcher, Emma Stone and Sofía Vergara Read Mean Tweets About Themselves—Watch Now!

    Julia Roberts and Emma Stone don't have Twitter accounts, but thanks to comedian Jimmy Kimmel, the actresses now know the awful things people have written about them. The ladies joined a number of celebrities who participated in Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s seventh "Mean Tweets" segment Wednesday.

    Roberts couldn't help but laugh after she read @kemotherapy7's offensive tweet: "There are people who think Julia Roberts is hot?! Her gigantic mouth looks like it will devour an elephant in one bit."

    Ashton Kutcher, meanwhile, didn't crack a smile after @djdresden wrote, "Ashton Kutcher needs to get hit by a bus. ASAP." Courteney Cox smirked after read @kanara11's tweet, which said, "I hate Courtney Cox I f--cking hate her. P---y hoe." In fact, the Cougar Town actress replied, "That's sweet."

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    Mindy Kaling took her criticism to heart. Twitter user @chipheuston94 wrote, "Mindy Kaling is not funny or attractive, she has an annoying voice and just plainly sucks...why does she have her own show." The Mindy Project star fought back, saying, "I feel like this is more than 140 characters."

    Matthew McConaughey was confused as to why @dippi_mufc would call him a "d--k turd," and Magic in the Moonlight's Stone was just as befuddled when @cle_48 said she "looks like she smells like cat piss." Jeremy Piven, however, laughed when @freelancewoman said she hopes his "d--k falls off. In public." Speaking of d--ks, @mamaowl_kirby said Colombia's Sofía Vergara "sounds like she has a d--k in her mouth. I hate hearing her talk." Luckily, the Modern Family star had a response at the ready.

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    Other celebrities who gamely read mean tweets about themselves included Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, David Blaine, Don Rickles, Ethan Hawke, June Squibb, Kit Harrington and Gary Oldman.

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