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Jimmy Kimmel Live! has featured people like Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart and Kobe Bryant reading mean tweets about themselves in the past, and on Thursday, Nov. 21, a new slew of stars joined in.

"In general, celebrities get a lot of adulation. People want to take pictures with them, people want to take them on vacation—but for some reason, when it comes to the internet, things can get very ugly. Especially on Twitter," host Jimmy Kimmel said while introducing the recurring segment. "I think some people don't know that celebrities actually read the stuff that is written about them. But a lot of them do, and it can be very hurtful."

"To raise awareness of this important issue," he continued, "once again we've invited some of our favorite famous friends to read some of the nastiest, most malicious things that have been tweeted about them. I hope you will find this to be both educational and entertaining."

The fifth installment featured several high-profile people, including Kevin Bacon, John Krasinski, Dennis Quaid, Chris O'Donnell, Larry David and Mark Ruffalo.

"Is there a kickstarter campaign for @kevinjames to NEVER make another movie? " the Zookeeper actor read.

Sharon Stone smiled when she first saw a tweet directed at her. "I remember when the words '@sharonstone is on television' brought me joy, instead of, 'I hate that bitch.'" she read.

Cue Stone's sad face.

Aaron Paul, Jimmy Kimmel, Mean Tweets


Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman giggled when he read an insulting tweet about how his "hands seem crazy small compared to his head." His costar Amy Poehler was also subjected to scrutiny about her appearance. "What in the f—k is up with Amy Poehler's face?" the actress read. "Bitch looks like she survived a nuclear blast."

Aaron Paul, meanwhile, was told he has a "small dick." Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus burst out laughing when she read this doozy: "LOOK AT ME I'M JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS I WAS ON SEINFELD THE SHOW ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE IN NEW YORK EATING PICKLES AND S—T MAN F—K YOU BITCH."

Julia Louis Dreyfus, Mean Tweets, Jimmy Kimmel


Jason Biggs—who is known for his online zingers—smirked at one user's American Pie reference. "If I had to choose between f—king a pie or @JasonBiggs, I'd choose the pie," the tweet read. "That dude has a dirty dick."

To see more celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, watch the clip now!

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