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How To: Tie The Perfect Sarong

The Fabulist, Statement Sarong Nicole Contreras, E!

Counting down the days till summer? We can't wait to throw on our swimsuits and head down to the beach! I think we can all agree that finding the perfect beach outfit is not always easy, but we may have just found the solution: sarongs!

Sarongs are a simple and easy way to dress up your swimsuit. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe have been seen hitting the sand in this latest trend. This effortless look is easier to achieve than most would think and we are going to show you how just how easy it is. Here are two different ways to tie the perfect sarong!  

Both looks feature a printed sarong that can be found at H&M for only $12.95! This first look will demonstrate how to tie your sarong to create a one-shoulder dress.

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Statement Sarongs, Fabulist Nicole Contreras, E!

Step One: Hang your sarong vertically and hold on to the top two corners. Make sure you find a sarong that matches your height because you don't want it to be too long or too short. 

Statement Sarongs, Fabulist Nicole Contreras, E!

Step Two: Bring the top two corners over one shoulder and tie into a knot. Tie an additional knot to keep it from coming undone.

Sarong Nicole Contreras, E!

Step Three: Gather two more edges at your waist and tie a knot. Again, tie an additional knot to ensure security. BAM! You now have a one-shoulder dress created from a sarong!

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Statement Sarongs, Fabulist Nicole Contreras, E!

You will definitely be turning heads with this next look! This look demonstrates how to create a beautiful halter dress using your sarong.

Step One: Hold the sarong vertically in front of your body. Then tie the top two corners around the back of your neck into a knot. Add an additional knot to create a double knot.

Statement Sarongs, Fabulist Nicole Contreras, E!

Step Two: Twist your sarong in front to create an opening keyhole. Hold on to each side of the sarong and gather two edges by your waist.

Statement Sarongs, Fabulist Nicole Contreras, E!

Step Three: Once you have gathered the two edges, begin to wrap them around the back. Tie the two edges into a double knot for security. You have now created a halter dress cover-up and you are ready to hit the beach!

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