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Molly Mesnick's Interior Design Tips & Inspirations

Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney, Riley Mesnick, Birthday Party Kelly Bowie/KCB Photography

Reality star and mother Molly Mesnick has a fabulous eye for interior design, and so she's partnered up with home decor company Joss & Main to feature practical and baby friendly items in her new collection called Live, Play, Love. 

It's been four years since her televised wedding to former Bachelor Jason Mesnick, and now the couple lives in Seattle together with their new baby girl, Riley. We caught up with Molly, who gave us some savvy tips on how to keep a busy home looking sophisticated and chic.

While Molly loves any type of interior decorating, there is one room in her house that is her favorite. "I love to decorate the formal living room," she said. "It's the space that we entertain in the most, so the rooms looks very 'put together.' At the same time, I want our guests to feel comfortable, rather than feeling like they can't touch anything, so it has a very cozy feel, too." 

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Molly's main rule of thumb for interior design is for her home "to look polished, yet feel cozy and comfortable." 

And like any recently married couple, Molly and Jason had to figure out how to merge their belongings and style. "I'll be completely honest," said Molly. "I took OVER Jason's house when I moved out to Seattle. He was living like a bachelor (no pun intended), so his place was in serious need of a female's touch."

Molly added that her husband really trusts her design intuitions completely, saying, "Jason's really good about letting me do my thing when it comes to decorating. Rarely will he have a strong opinion one way or the other, so he just leaves it up to me!"

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Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney, Riley Mesnick, Birthday Party Kelly Bowie/KCB Photography

So with all that stuff, we wondered if Molly is more of a neat freak or a pack rat. She confessed, "I am definitely a neat freak!  I love when everything has its place, and it goes without saying that I am FAR more organized than Jason. He's super helpful around the house, but he's not into stacking Tupperware or fluffing pillows."

And if there was one ultimate rule for a happy home, Molly reveals, "an organized home is a happy home! When you know where to find everything and have space to easily put things away, it takes so much stress away. Saves a ton of time, too!"

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