Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom may break hearts, but he apparently doesn't always break for stop signs.

The 37-year-old heartthrob was quickly pulled over Wednesday in Beverly Hills for speedily running through an intersection.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again star artfully dodged the traffic sign, and according to eyewitnesses, he was also able to dodge the moving violation once the motorcycle cop recognized Bloom's famous face. 

The two shook hands before Bloom was let go, and we're guessing his good looks, convincing smile (and maybe that distinguished-sounding English accent?) helped get him out of the citation.

But a famous face and a smile don't always work on law enforcement—especially when you're believed to be talking on your cell phone bagel.

Yes, you read that right. Emma Roberts got a ticket today for having a conversation with a baked good.

Not deterred by the mix-up or her cute, crumbed-covered lips, the officer still issued her a cell phone citation.

The American Horror Story star was so miffed she took to Twitter to complain, writing, "You know what's fun? Getting a ticket for talking on the phone while driving when I WAS EATING A BAGEL! Can't believe it."

And further explained her innocence in another post, "To clarify I wasn't talking on the phone. He thought my bagel was a phone!"

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