David Letterman, Lindsay Lohan

Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Lindsay Lohan can admit that not every thing the viewers see on her OWN docu-series is always exactly what it seems.

The Lindsay star opened up about being in front of the cameras every day during a pre-taped appearance on The Late Show, which aired on Wednesday.

"It's edited very differently," the 27-year-old actress told David Letterman. "Some things are taken out of context and that creates the drama and the spectacle. I don't have control of the editing, I am producer but I don't have control of that aspect of it. But it's pretty raw. I mean, it's just me kind of sorting out life again and figuring things out. Taking new steps and living in like, sober-minded, it's a process."

As for being followed 24/7 by a TV crew, the redhead admitted that it's been a "really interesting experience."

"I'm not used to that," Lohan explained. "Especially moving to New York, I don't get bothered at all, which is really lovely. It's nice to be kind of, in a normal space," she added.

The 2 Broke Girls guest star also shared her secret behind whipping up a perfect serving of scrambled eggs and how she likes to spend time with her family. Here's a hint: singing is involved. Watch the clip now!

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