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Kate Moss' Topshop Collection Has Arrived—Take a Look!

Kate Moss, Topshop Topshop

Our bank account can blame Kate Moss for a low balance.

The look book for the supermodel's new collection for Topshop is finally out—and it appears well worth the wait. Clearly the 40-year-old spent the last four years designing some truly unique rocker chic creations.

Take, for example, her feather-adorned LBD or her favorite fringe leather jacket, which she has actually worn to three Rolling Stones concerts. Then there's her boho side, which can be seen in her chiffon frocks and breezy floral-printed pants.

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Kate Moss, Topshop Topshop

"Topshop is the only brand I've ever collaborated with on a fashion collection," the British beauty shared with Harper's Bazaar. "With his collection we had more time, so we could be really selective about the piece that are included. Each one is a statement piece."

And speaking of selective style, that seems to be a quality Kate has passed down to her kids. "My daughter, Lila, is my style critic. She'll say, ‘No, Mummy, you can't wear that.' She's very good. I do trust her instinct. It's a good guess that Lila Grace, 12, has given her stamp of approval on all items in this collection.

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Kate Moss, Topshop Topshop

It's likely that the massive price range—from $70 to $1200—will attract a wider audience, which appears to be one of Kate's goals: "I love seeing other people wearing the clothes! I remember seeing a gorgeous girl wearing one of the floral tea dress from the first collection-she—she looked great. I was so excited that I called her over and we had a picture taken together."

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