Chris Martin, The Voice

Trae Patton/NBC

Chris Martin made his debut on The Voice for the first-ever Battles, Round 2, while a truly shocking reunion (or two!) went down on The Following! Plus, a sad split went down on Bones and a fan favorite couple finally hooked up on Star-Crossed. Warning, spoilers ahead for Monday night's shows!

The Voice: The Battle Rounds begin...again! Because they are just so darn popular, the NBC reality hit decided to give viewers another round of awesome battles, enlisting Coldplay's frontman Christ Martin to mentor the contestants for their second head-to-head vocal matchups. And we have to say, we think Martin was the perfect choice to be a universal mentor, the show's first.

In the Battles, Round 2, each coach only has one steal to spare. And in the new round's debut, both Shakira and Usher used their steals: Shakira snatched Tess Boyer from Blake Shelton, while Usher nabbed Adam Levine's Josh Kaufman. Eliminated from the competition for good? Megan Ruger, Josh Murley, Cierra Mickens and Sam Behymer.

The Following: She's ba-aaack! While we've known for two weeks that Claire, Joe's believed-to-be-dead ex-wife, was actually alive, Ryan was blissfully in the dark. Until tonight when Claire, the love of his life, showed up on his doorstep, ready to turn his life upside down once again...just when he was seemingly happy with Carrie, his new lady.

Oh, and guess who else was reunited? Luke with his psycho twin brother Mark and Lily, their evil mother and season two's other big bad.

Bones: RIP, Finn and Michelle's relationship! Saying she's too young to commit to such a serious relationship (which we kind of agree with!), Michelle broke up with Finn. At least Cam, her momma, was there to tell Finn that her daughter is a better person because she knows him. Aw!

The Blacklist

Craig Blankenhorn/NBC

The Blacklist: And Berlin gets another player! In tonight's episode, Tom's "brother" Craig came to town, but we quickly learned his name is actually Christopher and he also works for the secret organization Tom answers to. Alas, before he could give Red and Liz any major information about her husband and Berlin, the dude killed himself, taking all of his secrets to the grave. Even more shocking? Tom and Liz ending the episode in bed together, both aware that the other is not who they seem. It was like a game of spy chicken, except really hot?

Star-Crossed: Finally. That's  all we can say about finally getting to see a kiss between Emory and Roman and all it took was a life-and-death situation! Too bad Grayson just so happened to see the pair's (seriously steamy) liplock. Ruh-roh!

What did you watch on Monday night? Sound off in the comments!

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