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WARNING: We're about to discuss some light spoilers from How I Met Your Mother's series finale. If you do not wish to partake, kindly turn away and leave now, you blitz! For everyone else, we're passing you some virtual tissues.

We're still sobbing.

We just finished watching the very last How I Met Your Mother episode and millions of thoughts are still running through our minds. It was a hauntingly beautiful send-off filled with highly anticipated answers, tear-jerking moments and heartfelt nods to the series' devoted fandom. Although we're still trying to process everything that just flashed across our TV screens, there is one moment in particular that we will cherish forever.

Watching Ted (Josh Radnor) and (Spoiler Alet!) Tracy's—AKA The Mother (Cristin Milioti)—simple yet sweet wedding was, without a doubt, one of the best marital ceremonies in television's history. We bawled like little as their shared their first kiss and literally squealed out lout when Ted finally married the woman of his dreams. (Well, one of the women of his dreams) However, all the while, we could not stop mentally complimenting how breathtaking Milioti looked in that elegant ivory dress.

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In fact, we're so obsessed with Milioti's gorgeous gown, that we gathered exclusive secrets on everything you need to know on her end-of-the-aisle look. We chatted with Reiko Kurumada, HIMYM's critically acclaimed stylist, to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on The Mother's celebrity-inspired wedding dress.

"Since the wedding takes place in the future years from now, I wanted the dress to be age appropriate for Cristin (The Mother)," the head costume designer exclusively revealed to E! Online. "When I suggested the overall look to be very simple with a little vintage feel, a la Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, [creators] Carter Bays and Craig Thomas agreed completely."

When it came to finding the perfect dress, Kurumada revealed that fate played a large role in their hunt. "We found a gorgeous simple gown in the vintage section of a costume house, along with a vintage broach that we made into a hair pin," she explained. "The dress fit​ her perfectly. No alterations needed at all. It was meant to be!"

What did you think of The Mother's wedding gown? How are you feeling after How I Met Your Mother's tear-jerking series finale? Sound off with your fellow fans in the comments below!

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