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Save the Date: Another Reign Wedding Happening by the End of the Season! Scoop From the New Bride

Reign Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

"Lola is going to get married before the end of the season."

And guess what? It could happen as early as tonight. Reign, officially the craziest show on TV and we love it.

Now that Lola (Anna Popplewell) has a royal bun in her oven, courtesy of a one night stand with Francis (Toby Regbo), she and a "very hurt" Mary (Adelaide Kane) decide the best way to hide the pregnancy is by finding Lola a husband. ASAP. Enter: the First Light ceremony, which will be at the center of tonight's episode of the CW hit, "The Darkness." 

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"It's a pretty urgent situation for Lola," Anna Popplewell previews. "She has a ticking time bomb in her belly right now. There's a ceremony called "First Light," which is where suitors give a candle to the lady of their choosing, and if they accept the suitor's courtship then they light it in their window. So obviously Mary thinks that that will be a perfect opportunity for Lola to find a husband, but Lola has, I think, understandable objections to the suitor that Mary has arranged for her, so that causes some drama."

Basically, it's The Bachelorette: Lola Edition. 

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Reign Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

But does Lola actually have feelings for Francis, who is currently unaware of her pregnancy? 

"I's interesting. I think in the moment, they probably had a connection because they both just felt very sad about life at French court," Popplewell says. "I think that when she and Francis got together, I think that that was just both of them recognizing in each other someone who didn't want to be at French court, didn't want the life that they knew they were so fortunate to have in some ways, and kind of bonding over that. So I think it was not a great decision. It was a mistake, but I understood in the moment why she made it and how she made it."

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Someone who won't understand why she made it would be Queen Catherine (Megan Follows), Francis' mother and the wicked witch of French Court (a compliment, we swear).

"That's going to be a minefield," Popplewell teases of Catherine potentially learning of Lola's pregnancy. "I think Lola should probably be quaking in her boots." 

Reign airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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