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Tim McGraw is ripped, y'all!

Faith Hill's hubby spent St. Patrick's Day Flyboarding (aka flying through the air thanks to a water jetpack). Lucky for us, he tweeted a shirtless pic from the scene--showing off his toned biceps and eight-back abs in all their glory.

This 46-year-old country singer hasn't always had a body like that, though. Back in 2008, he quit drinking—replacing whiskey with workouts—and boy, that's when he started reaping the rewards of sober life. A sexy body wasn't the reason Tim got sober though—he wanted to be there for his wife and their three daughters.

Tim McGraw

SGranitz/WireImage, Rick Kern/Getty Images

"I realized it was time to start taking care of myself," he told Katie Couric on her talk show last year. "You start thinking about longevity, and you wanna stick around."

"It was the way I felt, more than anything," he added. "It's tough to be at your best when you're not taking care of yourself."

Now that Tim's not drinking, he channels his energy into routine workouts! "I run a lot," he said. He also works out with a trainer and tries to eat healthy. "But I love pizza," he admitted. "So once a week, I gotta have my pizza. And I love cheeseburgers!"

It's all about balance.

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