Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Columbia Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence has got some wild dance moves!

In a recently released extended scene from American Hustle on Buzzfeed, the Oscar winner gets down while rocking out to Santana's hit song "Evil Ways."

In the scene, Lawrence (as character Rosalyn Rosenfeld) cleans her house in yellow gloves and a leopard-print caftan as her son watches from the couch. The 23-year-old actress shakes her wild hairdo and mouths the lyrics while dusting her place. She even makes crazy faces while really getting into the song!

Lawrence then proceeds to get on the ground on all fours while swinging her head from left to right as her hair flops around. She then goes into a weird shuffle move across the carpet all while lip-syncing along and wiggling her hips.

Although this scene didn't make the actual movie, the film does feature a similar scene in which she rocks out to and sings along with "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Check out the fun clip for yourself!

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