Girls Star Allison Williams Talks "Perfect" Engagement Ring, Insists Wedding Planning Hasn't Started

    Allison Williams is in no rush to get married.

    The Girls star and her longtime boyfriend Ricky Van Veen got engaged about three weeks ago.

    "We're so excited," Williams told me last night at the Girls panel at the Television Academy. "We're still in the phase of being excited post-engagement, so we haven't even started talking about logistics, which is great. It's like the calm before storm."

    Sounds like it's very calm.

    "We haven't even talked about size, location [or] time of year—nothing!" Williams said. "We're just being engaged."

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    Ricky Van Veen, Allison Williams Clint Spaulding/ USA

    Her rock was on full display last night. She insists she hasn't adopted a common New York safety precaution of turning the diamond into her hand while riding the subway.

    "It's part of me now and I love it, so I like looking at it, and the subway's the perfect place to for people to take a gander," Williams said with a big smile. "It's perfect. He did very well."

    She debuted the sparkler at an Oscars party earlier this month.

    Van Veen is a tech entrepreneur, who co-founded CollegeHumor and helped launch Vimeo. They reportedly met while Williams was still shooting the pilot for Girls.

    Williams recently told Glamour magazine that she'd considering walking away from her career in order to raise a family.

    "I'd love to be a mom—and not have to bring my kids into my trailer...Or a balance [of both]," she said. "But you've [got to] call it on the fly to a certain extent."

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